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*Whew*. Not crushing me yet...
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Of course, one of my recurring nightmares right now is Google coming along and smashing Querki like a bug. That's not an unfounded concern, since it is precisely what happened to CommYou: just as I was starting alpha, Google came out with Wave, which was very nearly identical and in some respects better. Of course, in some critical respects it was utterly braindead (their failure to understand the social side of the equation still baffles me), and those were part of why Wave failed, but by that time I'd given up and shut down the company.

So my heart skipped a beat this morning when I got this article about Google's new Cloud Playground, which is intended to make it quick and easy to develop cloud-based applications.

Fortunately, on reading it, it's clear that yes, they're doing something very useful and smart here, but it's not even *remotely* as radical a departure as Querki. They're trying to encourage programmers to develop cloud-first, and that's almost certainly a good strategy. But it's still largely about fairly traditional "serious" programming, so it's not aimed at the average end user -- their target market and purpose is totally different from mine, far as I can tell.

The little mouse continues to scurry around the feet of the thunder lizards. Now I just have to arrange for a good comet strike...


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