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A couple of short documents
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
No release this week, since I'm in the middle of dealing with User Values, but I've added a couple of useful new documents:

The Querki Quickstart is a *very* concise summary of what's what. There's nothing in it that will surprise regular readers here, but it's intended so that programmers who have just joined have some idea of how to get started. Comments and suggestions welcome: I want to keep this brief, but also accurate and as clear as possible. (Eventually there will be a proper tutorial, but I'm putting that off until I replace the Editor with the Model Designer.)

The new Roadmap is a bit more concrete than the old one that I wrote some months ago: it outlines the actual planned schedule for this year. We'll see how close I can come to hitting these marks. Comments and questions totally welcomed, especially if you have suggestions for other priorities...


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