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Release 0.3.15
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Minor release this time, but with a couple of helpful details:

Invite Links to Any Page: the current "invitation to participate in a Space" mechanism is still *very* much a work in progress. It's been somewhat shaped by the needs of the Wedding RSVP Space, and I'm learning as I go.

One of the recent lessons has been that it's overly simplistic. As originally constructed, the [[Invite Link]] command could be placed in any email, and it would construct a link to your "Person" page -- the invitation itself -- with the necessary credentials hashed in to provide your identity when you clicked on it. But we're realizing that we now want to send an update email, including pointers to the new pages we've been adding: Hotel info, other weekend activities, and stuff like that. So we want to send another email, this time with lots of links. But of course, those links *all* need to carry the appropriate login credentials.

So the short-term solution is that you can now say [[page -> Invite Link]], which turns that page into an external link, decorated with the necessary credentials. That'll do for now, and now allows more flexibility in how you invite people to use your Space.

In the medium term, I suspect this will need a bit of rethinking. I believe it should probably change so that *all* links in an email get decorated this way. So far, I haven't come up with any exceptions, but I'm going to mull on that before I try to implement it.

Chromeless Invites property: for the Wedding Space, I've been setting it up to be "chromeless" for invitees -- that is, when they come in through their invitation, they don't see the Querki menus, footer, or anything like that. I believe that will often but not always be desireable. (Technically, I believe it's a producer/consumer dichotomy. If you view your invitees as primarily collaborators, then they should see the chrome. If you view them more as people working within a closely-designed Space, but mostly just filling forms and answering questions, you want a more tightly-constrained experience.)

Anyway, the first cut of that was to create a variant method, [[Plain Invite Link]]. But when I was expanding the [[Invite Link]] feature, I realized that that is dumb. Chromelessness isn't a feature of the *email*, it's a feature of the *page* -- indeed, usually a feature of the Space itself.

So I'm deprecating [[Plain Invite Link]], replacing it with a new Chromeless Invites property. When this property is set for a Thing, then invitation pointers to that Thing will be constructed to show the page chromelessly. If it is set on a Space, then all invites to that Space will display in chromeless mode.

As above, this is likely to evolve further. I suspect that I will need to throw out the existing chromeless mechanism and start again. I began by thinking of chromeless as a *mode*, which any person can go into and out of. But that's probably exactly wrong: instead, it should probably be a characteristic of the *person*. That will better reflect that producer/consumer divide, and make it easy to construct different groups with different characteristics. In the long run, I suspect that it will wind up mostly encapsulated under a default concept of "Editors" vs. "Readers".

(Also factoring into this: chromeless invites are currently planned to be a paid-users-only feature, for a variety of reasons. That may affect how this all works.)

All Properties: this is a small but very useful feature. When I rewrote the main page for Spaces, and added the All Things menu pick last month, I lost an important bit of functionality: being able to see the list of Properties. That wasn't entirely accidental -- I've concluded that you mostly want to access Properties via the Things that use them. But sometimes, I just want to tweak the RSVP Property, or something like that -- and currently, there is no link to *get* to it. I've been dealing with it by hand (typing the URL of the Property to access it), but that's obviously wrong.

So I've now added an All Properties page, to complement the All Things page, and placed it in the Actions menu. I still don't list the properties on the default Space page, because I think that you usually don't care about them so much. But you can now get to them quickly when you want them.


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