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And *poof* -- we have documentation!
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Well, that went smoothly. Took a lot of prep for this release, but there is now a nascent Documentation Space that you're all welcome to peruse. So far, it contains the reference material for the Properties and Methods. As always, this "plays fair" -- each Property and Method contains its own documentation (using the same Summary and Details methods that end users are encouraged to use), and this Space simply takes all of those and zips them together with some formatting.

The URL will eventually change (probably to, but that's just going to be a shortcut -- this is the real beginning of system documentation, and will be expanding and refining from here on out.

I suspect folks will find it all a tad overwhelming at this point, but comments and thoughts are more than welcomed...

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The thing I found most disorienting when I started in on the Property Reference was the interleaving of Properties expected to only be set on other Properties with Properties expected to be set on anyThing. (Or some other specific sort of thing.)

Great freedom (in this case, duck-typing and "a Property is a Thing") leads to great power, but also makes it harder to orient oneself starting out. I'll venture a guess that that orientation would be faster/easier if meta-Properties were grouped separately... though I suppose that might lead people down the path of thinking "*only* these Properties can be set on Properties". Hmm.

Hmm. Interesting point. I don't think I can *quite* separate those out yet, but it shouldn't take too much enhancement to do so.

Basically, I need a way to say _if(Applies To == Kind.Property), which implies that (a) we need to expose the Kinds in a more useful way and (b) we can do numeric equals. Both clearly desireable, but neither is quite trivial.

I'll add it to the to-do list. Thanks!

Oh, what the heck -- you're correct, and both of the needed features are useful and easy enough. Done.

(And you can use the brand-new "View Source" Action to see how the page works.)

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