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Release 0.3.21
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Today's release continues to be mainly focused on Documentation. In this particular case, I realized that I can't really open Alpha until I can point people at *some* kind of guide to how to use the system. (Those of you who have been following from the beginning know all the key bits, but telling someone to go read the entire history of the Development Journal would be dumb.) So I'm about to start writing a flying intro, and needed some enhancements that I've been planning, to make it decently straightforward to write a manual in Querki. (Eventually, the patterns from this will be pulled out into a "Documentation" App, but first I need to prove how to do it myself.)


Added the _showLink method: I'm not sure how I had gotten away without this one, frankly. We had previously had _linkButton (to display a Link as a button) and _iconButton (to display it as a button with an icon), but no way to display a Link as a *link*. That's what this does. It lets me put conventional Prev/Next links at the bottom of each manual page, like every other programming manual.

Added the _propLink method: having realized the "alternate views" are a Best Practice worth encouraging, I added a method to make that easier. This takes a Thing and a Property, and combines them into an External Link that you can then display as desired. Basically, it helps you use a Text Property which is an alternate rendering of a Thing.

Added _prevInList and _nextInList methods: these take a Thing and a List, and return the previous or next elements in that List. They wrap up a moderately common pattern into concise methods, and are, again, helpful for defining those Prev/Next links. They'll be useful any time you want to think of this Thing as a node in a List, and need to navigate that List.

Sub-Space Improvements: I'd like to have the manual in a "sub-Space" -- that is, in what amounts to a subdirectory of the Documentation. So I've made a bunch of enhancements to make that concept a bit more robust. It still has a *long* ways to go, and should still be considered extremely experimental, but it's starting to be usable.

_section tweak: slightly changed the semantics of the DETAILS parameter to _section. It is now more consistent with the way everything else works. In particular, you can now use the "_commas" method to tell it to render as a comma-delimited list, which I've been wanting frequently. (Hmm. And now I realize that I need to add documentation for the _commas and _bulleted Methods.)

Finally, perhaps most important, fixed View Source so that it no longer requires a login in order to use. It was always supposed to simply follow the Can Read property; requiring login was basically a typo.

And now, time to crank out a *lot* of text...


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