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Release 0.3.22
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Continuing to move towards Alpha, today's release includes two new major features:

Delete Thing: yes, really, until now it hadn't been possible to delete anything. That was intentional -- the truth is, until I implement Undo (which is a little ways off yet), the existence of Delete makes me nervous. But I decided that I was being excessive: the UI for Delete requires confirmation, so it's hard to do by accident, and we'll eventually have a fairly normal Recycle Bin. (Even now, "delete" doesn't actually erase the record; it just marks the Thing as deleted and no longer loads it.) And in practice, not being able to Delete turns out to make me nervous in different ways -- it makes *creating* a Thing weirdly high-stakes.

So Delete is now available on the Actions menu when you are looking at the Thing. (Bulk deletes might be added later, but one thing at a time.) Only Things can be deleted for the time being -- deleting Properties is a *much* more complex problem, and much more likely to cause stuff to break horribly, so I don't want to get into it yet. (Deleting a linked-to Thing may cause a visible error in the display, but that seems reasonable.)

Beginnings of Search: I've known all along that ad-hoc Search would be an important capability for Querki -- while the system is mainly focused on semi-structured data, sometimes Search is simply the right way to find what you need. I wasn't sure when I would be adding it, but as I mentioned the other day, I want to have it available before I begin changing any names.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a very primitive first pass. It only copes with exact string matches and doesn't yet think of multiple words as distinct search terms, much less cope with searching across related Things. (Which is part of the long-term design -- I should be able to search my CD Space for, eg, "Steeleye Parcel" and get "Parcel of Rogues", despite the fact that that is an Album that is *linked* to Steeleye Span. The nice thing about an in-memory DB is that that shouldn't even be too terribly hard to implement.) There's no real scoring of the search results yet, so a common term in a large Space may yield a pretty messy list.

That said, I think folks will find it simple and intuitive. There's now a Search box in the navbar at the top -- just type in your search term, and it shows a list of all the Things that have that term in their Text fields, with the ones whose Names match at the top. The results are shown in raw form, with the search term highlighted to make it easy to find what you're looking for.

Not by any means done, but good enough for now. I recommend trying it out in the Poker Space, which has enough content to be interesting. (I found myself wanting Search at our last game, so it'll be nice to have.)

Minor changes: the default Display Text for Spaces had fallen out of synch with some changes to Type names, so was showing an error; now fixed. The Actions menu now has a concept of "disabled", so we disable View, Edit and Delete if you're not allowed to do them.

Now, back to manual writing, and making a decision on the rename of Display Text...


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