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Full users should feel free to issue invitations
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
I just mentioned this to Alexx, so it occurs to me that I should say it more broadly: if you're a full user of Querki, and are creating your own Spaces, feel free to invite appropriate people to join you in them. Having realized a while back that the number of active Spaces is my main scaling issue, and the number of active Spaces is likely to be proportional to the number of full users, I'm using the number of full users as my main scaling lever. I'm only fairly slowly upgrading folks to full status, but you can invite people into existing Spaces pretty much as you like. (By and large, I believe that Spaces are relatively expensive, but invitees are pretty cheap.)

Just please keep it moderate: I haven't put any checks and balances into place yet. In particular:

-- Keep the number of invitations sent at any given time to a modest number.
-- Only send invitations to people who are more or less expecting them, so we don't have problems of people marking them as spam.
-- Don't overload your Space: keep it under a hundred or so invitees for the time being. (In principle, Spaces *should* be able to handle many users easily, and in the long run I expect the limit to be in the thousands, but that hasn't been even remotely tested.)
-- Please do not create Spaces on behalf of invitees. Being able to create a Space is the privilege of full users, and it is very important from a scaling perspective that we keep that under control.

Those are mainly issues at the edges, though. For the normal Querki use case, of building a Space for something and inviting one or two dozen people to join you, feel free to get started. Please make sure that your invitees understand that this *is* an Alpha, with lots of bugs and only a few features yet -- things will be improving steadily in the coming months.

Don't go hog-wild on Spaces yet -- for the moment, you are limited to five Spaces each. I'll be fixing that soon, but not this week.

Oh, and please note this bug, which has been observed a couple of times in the past day. If folks have trouble joining your Space because the Terms of Service gets in the way, tell them to try again. (I'll fix this bug soon, but I don't know if it will be today.) And if people have trouble joining your Space, and the Terms of Service does *not* seem to be involved, please tell me ASAP -- I want to make sure the join process is smooth...


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