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Delete confirmation
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
I confess, there was a part of me tempted to be lazy about implementing a confirmation dialog for the delete button in Bulk Edit. Partly that was simply that I find the UI programming to be the least-fun part of this, but mostly it was because heavyweight confirmation dialogs annoy the snot out of me -- they not only require another mouseclick, they require *moving* the mouse to a random other location of the screen. It saves you from accidental deletes, but at the cost of making intentional ones annoyingly hard. (The current Delete menu pick is one of my least favorite parts of the Querki UI.)

So let's see how folks feel about the UI I just implemented. As laurion suggested, the Delete button is hidden until you hover over this particular Thing's Editor, so it isn't too badly in the way. The button is a simple "x" (in red, to indicate that it's a little dangerous); when you click it, you get a tooltip that simply says, "Click again to delete". If you click the button again in the next two seconds, the Thing is deleted; otherwise, it times out and the popover goes away.

I think this strikes a reasonable balance: it makes it fairly hard to delete something by accident, while making it quite easy to do so intentionally. Effectively, delete is simply double-click on the Delete button, with a prompt for the second click.

I recommend folks try it and give me your opinions once it's released, but I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on it...


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