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jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Mostly a bugfix release this time around, but dealt with a bunch of bugs. Many of these were the expected sort of side-effects from the big refactoring.

You can now create a link / tag with a short name: previously, the Tag/Link Set UI required that you type three characters before it would give you a prompt with the options. One side-effect of this was that there was no way to link to a Thing with a two-character name.

I've now set the minimum number of characters for the prompt to 1, so you should always be able to make a link. However, note that there is a separate bug, that if what you have typed so far produces too *many* results, you just get a somewhat unhelpful error message. I'll deal with that in due course, but one effect of that is that just typing a single character will often not get you anything useful.

From looking at a Thing, I can create another Thing of the same Model: this is less critical than it was, now that we have Edit all Instances for bulk data entry, but it's still useful. There is a new button on the standard Thing page, which looks kind of like "+...". This is "Create Another", and is mainly for the fairly common workflow where you create a Foo, say Done so you can look at your results, and then want to create another one.

_tagsForProperty now works with new Tag Sets: this function (which is used on some of the system-generated pages) was displaying an error if you tried to apply it to the new-style Tag Sets. It now works properly.

Default Space display now lists new-style Tags: if you don't override the display of a Space's main page, it lists the Tags used, down at the bottom. This had only been working with the older-style Tags, not the new ones. It now lists both. Note that this can result in two separate Tag listings, if you have some of each. (Which is mostly a transitional problem.)

Fixed data-entry for older-style Tags: in the course of the refactoring, things got broken so that older Tags used the list-style data entry instead of the prompting tag-style input form. The error was due to me being just a little *too* aggressive in using some of Scala's power features; I backed off to something safer and fixed it.

Deprecated old Tag Sets, and renamed New Tag Set Type: this should have been done weeks ago, but I apparently missed it. The old-style Tag Sets (which were based on Name) are now officially Deprecated, and have been renamed "Old Tag Set Type"; you can't easily create new Properties with them, and I might someday remove them. "New Tag Set Type" (which is based on Display Name, and is more robust) has been renamed as simply "Tag Set Type", and is the correct Type to use going forward.

(I have entered an Issue to be able to change an Old Tag Set Type Property to New Tag Set Type, which I think is generally desireable. It is *not* trivial to do safely, but I may bite the bullet and just deal.)

I'm going to keep dealing with bugs and such this week. Next week, it looks like I'll be tackling Complex Types, which should be a pretty exciting power feature in the long run. If it works as intended, you'll be able to build nearly arbitrary data structures in Querki...


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