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jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Just a patch release today, but a few nice bits in it.

The main new "feature" is one that I've been gradually realizing is more important than I'd given it credit for: documentation of Types. Even the savviest Querki users have been through some unfortunate mistakes, usually due to choosing the wrong Type for their needs. This was mostly a good example of me being too close to the problem, and not realizing how opaque the Type list can be.

So I've added at least brief documentation for each of the Types. The full list can be found here. I also rearranged the Create Property box a bit, making room for it to show the documentation for the Type when you select it. And I've removed several Types from Create Property, which aren't currently intended for end-user use anyway.

Hopefully this will make things easier to understand and work with. Please tell me where you find the docs confusing or ambiguous -- this is very much a first draft, and will need more evolution.

When you add a List item, the focus switches to it: mindways pointed out this annoyance, but I'd been noticing it myself: in the Editor, when you click on a "+" button to add a list item, the focus would remain on the button. This meant you would have to resort to the mouse or a lot of Shift-TAB to get into the item you just added, to actually edit it -- a real hassle if you are doing bulk data-entry.

It is now more intuitive: the focus is switched to the first editable field in the newly-added list element. Please tell me if you find places where this doesn't work: by the nature of the code, it's a bit specific to the field types, and I'm not certainly that I have caught every possible case.

Create any Thing now defaults to Simple Thing: this was a fix to a mild but constant annoyance -- when you choose "Create any Thing" from the Actions menu, you would then have to grovel through the resulting dialog to find the Model you want. But in my experience, nowadays you want "Simple Thing" 80% of the time. (Since there are now several easier ways to create an Instance from one of your Models.) So I have made Simple Thing the default, which speeds this frequent process up just a smidgeon.

Fixed rendering of HTML entities in Link input drop-down: again, small but annoying -- if you had an ExactlyOne Link Property, the drop-down lists the possible Things you can Link to. But HTML-significant characters (such as apostrophe) were getting over-encoded, so "I'm" would display as "I'm" and like that. This is now fixed.

That brings the High Priority bugs down to just a few. So I'm about ready to move on to the next major feature area: Conversations, which begin next week...


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