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Diving into Conversations
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Okay -- today is the beginning of the next truly major feature area, Conversations. I've just blown in a whole bunch of User Stories; those are roughly in implementation order, and the boldfaced ones are the stories I am currently planning on implementing in this pass over the next couple of weeks.

For those who have been following my personal journal for 7+ years, the long-term plan is to implement more or less all of CommYou inside of Querki -- I still think that it's the correct conversation model for doing serious work. The thread that binds CommYou and Querki together is that both projects are about using the cloud to collaborate on actually getting things done; putting CommYou at the service of Querki is entirely appropriate. (For those who weren't around for CommYou, suffice it to say that it looked almost identical to Google Wave, except without the clever but ultimately self-defeating fondness for simply embedding comments inside of other comments.)

I'm basically starting to treat the Issues Space as the beginnings of the overall Project Management Space, so I'm starting to get serious about blowing Stories into it. I encourage y'all to suggest other Stories which should go onto this list, and to opine about the relative priorities of the Stories. (The top of the list is largely driven by technical considerations and by the needs of the first major project; below that, it's rather squishier.)


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