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jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Lightweight release today, with a few more bugfixes and small enhancements (mostly low-hanging fruit) as I begin to switch gears...

Added the _contains Function: this is one of those fairly routine and obvious Functions. If you say
[[My Thing -> My Number List -> _contains(42)]]
this produces True iff the list contains the value "42". Probably more importantly, it works for Links, so you can test whether a list points to a particular Thing.

Disabled menu picks are a bit more obvious: just a small CSS tweak, so that you can tell when "Delete" is disabled in the Actions menu.

Login now available from the main index page: I realized that there is no good reason to send you off to a separate page to log in -- that introduces a mouseclick and delays. So you can now log in directly from the front page. (Sometime in the near future, the My Spaces list will probably also move to the front page, once you've logged in.)

Standard page footer now links to the Documentation and Terms of Service pages: this will probably grow up into a fair-sized pile of links, just like every other site has in the footer, but these had been specifically requested.

When you go to a Space, it now consistently goes to the "Space Thing" page: this one was a tad subtle, but if you navigated to a Space from Your Spaces, you would find a number of menu items missing. This is because there was a conceptual difference between "the page that represents this Space" and "the page that displays this Space as a Thing". That difference is real -- but also more or less pointless from the end-user point of view, and just gets in the way. So I've changed it to always redirect to the "Thing" version of the page, which is more complete and useful.

Add Property button no longer jumps to the top of the page: this fixes a long-standing annoyance -- in the Editor, when you pressed "Add Property", the view would jump to the top of the page if it was more than a screen long.

Fixed Stylesheets on Spaces: somewhere along the line, I appear to have had a brainfart, and accidentally disabled the ability to set a Stylesheet Link on a Space (which sets that Stylesheet for use across the Space). That is now restored.

Fixed Undefined Tag View on Models: very similar brainfart (quite possibly the same day, since they are similar bugs), I had disabled the ability to set the Undefined Tag View (the property that defines what gets shown if this name isn't defined yet) on a per-Model basis. This is also now restored.


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