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Querki Roadmap
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
On my previous post, laurion asked about how far along the project was, and remarked on the fact that things seem to be settling down. In my reply, I spelled out some of the Roadmap for the next couple of years, and it occurs to me that other folks may be interested in that. So here's a top-post for those who are curious about where things are going, and why I still consider us to be early in the project:

The really big projects coming in the next year or so include:

* Conversations -- being started now, to make Querki truly social and interactive.
* Notifications -- being able to send and receive messages, both for the system and for users, will probably be started as part of Conversations, but there is a very long ways to go with that.
* Personal Properties -- coming shortly after Conversations, we introduce the notion of Properties that exist on a per-User basis. (Initially, so that we can support the notion of individual Ratings and Reviews of Things.)
* History -- under the hood, I want Querki to be Github-like: you should be able to not only see all changes and roll them back, but actually see what your Space looked like at a particular time.
* Apps -- in a few months, we start moving towards being able to share "code". In practice, I expect most Querki users to mainly work with Apps, instead of building their own Spaces from scratch.
* Mobile -- while the web-based Querki UI is decent for mobile, there are a lot of features (eg, photograph download, offline working) that will require true Mobile Apps.
* Moderation -- a central precept in Querki, not just for comments but for everything in the Space, so that non-Members can contribute.
* Social Network Integration -- so that you can share stuff with your friends. This is actually *quite* central to the business plan: Querki is fundamentally viral in design.
* and the crude business of making money -- Advertising and Membership.

And after that we probably get into things like Crowdsourcing (which I believe is going to ultimately be very important, but crucially different from how it works in other systems), App Monetization (if the legal and practical sides work, I have hopes of essentially sharing a portion of Querki's income with App authors, so that you can instantly and automatically monetize your Apps), and all sorts of other stuff.

So basically, you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg at this point -- the most *central* stuff is done, but a great application consists of far more than just the core. The initial features are approaching Beta, but they're all really focused on power users -- if you're not quite technically hip, you're not going to want to use it. Now we're beginning to flesh out the surrounding features that will make the system usable, as well as the ones that will make it more than just a programmer's toybox...


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