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Tangent: Blogs and Catch-up
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
... yeah, okay, I'm in a serious brainstorming mood today.

One of the early Use Cases for Querki is going to be for Blogs. Truth to tell, this was mostly just to show that I could, and to force me to get Conversations working. But it just occurred to me that I can do better than just copy Wordpress.

Here's a stake in the ground: the worst thing about blogs is the most-recent-first display. I understand why they work that way -- it makes it easiest to stay current -- but it drives me *crazy* when it comes to blogs that I'm trying to really follow. I often actually want it the other way around: I want to see the blog in *oldest* first order, starting where I last left off.

Indeed, when I'm looking at a specific blog rather than my flist, that is *usually* what I want, because I'm trying to catch up. Trying to catch up with a blog that's displayed newest-first is a hassle -- doable, but why should I have to do this weird behaviour of reading down to the bottom of each entry, then scrolling the other way to get to the next one? (Or try to read in reverse chronological order, which is just confusing.)

So what the heck: I'm building the general-purpose platform, so I can make it work the way I want. I've just added two new features to the feature list. Bookmarks (adapted from a suggestion from goldsquare) were already in the vague plans already -- the ability to have information that *I* own, relating to a Space that I'm viewing. Combine that with Parameterized Pages -- the ability to specify a Property that comes from the URL or direct user input -- and I should be able to easily implement:
  • Display From the Beginning

  • Display From a Specified Date

  • Display From Where I Left Off
All of which seems like good things to have in a blogging system.

Comments? Am I on crack here, or do these seems like useful features for blog-reading?

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Well, it definitely seems like features I want in a blog reader and often get annoyed that most don't have, but I'm also kind of a chronological-order-nut. Doesn't sound at all crazy to me.

I very much want to see comments "from where I left off" as well.

Blogs also want fresh content to be first up, not just for staying current, but also SEO. I have seen systems that let you invert the order of posts, but they're usually built as a CMS system first, and a blog system second. This is where RSS and other XML extraction systems really have the power to make a difference though, in atomizing the content and letting the end user manage it the way they want...

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