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jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Just a few quick bugfixes today, dealing with issues from yesterday's big release.

Querki documentation moved to new location: actually, nothing moved -- the documentation is all still in the same Space it's always been -- but I've added an alias of to get to it, and updated the link at the bottom of each page accordingly. Having an easy-to-remember documentation URL is pretty much a mitzvah, I figure.

Review Type now available: while yesterday's release included the Review Type (so you can create your own Review Properties), there was no way to get to that in the Editor. It is now available, same as any other Type. (Although pretty soon we're going to need to visually distinguish between the "standard" and "advanced" types, I think.)

Can now add Review Property to Things: to my dismay, when I went to actually *use* the Review Property last night in one of my own Spaces, it failed with a RSOD (Red Screen of Death). The problem turned out to be a bug in some of the oldest code in the system, and was specifically about the fact that Review is a Model Property containing Rating, which was an ExactlyOne Property that, having not been created through the Editor, didn't have an "original" value. I hadn't caught the bug originally because it was working fine when you were creating a new Thing -- it only failed when you tried to add Review to an existing Thing. It crashed when we tried to save it, because it was an empty ExactlyOne. This has now been fixed to use the Type's default value, as it should have always been doing.

(All of which is a long-winded way of saying that Review now works right.)


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