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Release 0.9.1 -- finally catching up with the surrounding world
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
This was one of those internally-focused releases: very little new that is user-visible, but key changes internally.

The bulk of the change was bringing the system up to use the current underlying stack. Querki is built on the Typesafe Stack (now the "Typesafe Reactive Platform", to be properly buzzwordly modern) -- and basically hasn't updated that stack since I started really working on it over 18 months ago. That's an *eternity* in the open-source world, and we'd fallen way behind. (1-2 major releases of each core component.) So I've now made the necessary changes to run on Typesafe Activator, the current version of the stack. That didn't go badly -- maybe a week of understanding the new system and making code changes to match.

This should have some major advantages, going forward. The new version of Play is more explicitly soup-to-nuts asynchronous, which has allowed me to already begin ironing out some of the bad smells in Querki, where we were doing blocking calls. (In the new reactive world, "blocking" == EEEEVIL.) That has a ways to go yet -- in particular, I have to rewrite the QL engine so that it can do "slow" operations without blocking -- but it's moving in the right direction.

More entertainingly, now that I'm on the current version of Scala, I'm beginning to play with Scala.js. Expect to hear a lot more about this, going forward: my tentative plan is to rewrite the entire UI in Scala, and compile it to Javascript. This should be vastly more pleasant to write, as well as more powerful, testable and maintainable, but we'll be hanging *way* out over the bleeding edge. Should be fun.

Anyway, nothing significant should be changed from your POV. Please tell me if you come across any problems.

Other than that, there were just two small tweaks:

Previously, when you clicked on the little link at the top of each page to go back to the Space, the resulting URL had the owner's OID in it, rather than their handle. (Thanks to John McLeod for pointing this out.) This is now fixed.

Create a New Space was crashing, due to a dumb bug in how we were evolving the Space schemas. This should now work properly again.

Now, time to deal with some smaller bugs and features, and begin to implement photo importing...


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