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Release 0.10.2
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
A smallish release before Pennsic, mostly about getting in 1 enhancement that I realized I would really want.

The issue at hand is what to do about clicking on thumbnails. My first version was the way many photo galleries work: you click on the thumbnail, and you get a more or less full screen modal dialog that shows you the photo full-sized. Which works, but I quickly realized is a pain in the ass from a workflow perspective. It's great when you just want to admire the photo in all its glory, but gets in the way of *doing* stuff, since it takes you out of the rest of the workflow.

The new mechanism is instead inspired by all of those shopping sites (which are more optimized for using photos towards an end), which usually work a different way: if you have a place to show a full-sized photo, that automatically becomes the place where full-sized photos go.

So: there is a new function, named _photoTarget. If you have a List of Photos, you can display the first one in the List by passing it into _photoTarget:
[[My List of Photos -> _photoTarget]]
In and of itself that's not very interesting. But when you show the thumbnails somewhere else on the page:
[[My List of Photos -> _thumbnail]]
Now, whenever a viewer clicks on one of those thumbnails, it will automatically get placed in the Photo Target, replacing the image that was there before.

There are no fancy fade-in effects, and there will be some conspicuous relayout if the photos are different dimensions. But overall, it seems to be easy and intuitive. It hopefully makes it easier to work with List of Photos. (Given that I'm going to be using lots of them next week myself.)

A couple of other minor changes in this release:

Removed some inappropriate entries from the Add Property menu: there was a regression a while back, which caused a lot of entries to show up in the Properties in System menu, under Add Property. No real harm, but they got in the way, and were confusing, especially since most of them were internal-only Properties that you shouldn't muck with by hand. Those are now correctly hidden again.

Changed the "Enumerated Category" meta-Property to "Is a Choice": this is the first step towards building a Choices Wizard, inspired by some suggestions from tpau a couple of months ago. Very much a work in progress for now, but I think this is in the direction of the new way of thinking.

Probably no more releases until after Pennsic...


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