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jducoeur wrote in querki_project
A couple more quick tweaks today, as I build the Lochleven Inventory Space:

Added a "Go to Thing" button in the Thing Editor: this deals with a long-standing workflow complaint of mine. Some months back, I added the Thing Editor -- a simple drop-in Editor for a whole Thing, that you can put anywhere by saying essentially [[The Thing -> _edit]]. That works nicely, is auto-updating, and is also the mechanism used for _createButton and related tools. But it has a weird weakness: after I edit/create a Thing using this control, I have no way to *go* to the Thing I created! Sometimes that's right -- sometimes I want to stay where I am and work on other stuff -- but at other times I want to go look at my work.

So for now, I've added a standard button, at the end of the Thing Editor, that will take you to this Thing. It's a bit simplistic, but often just what you want.

Fixed a bug in _first: one of the oldest functions in the system is _first, which is the same as "head" or "car" in some functional languages -- it produces just the first element of the received collection. But because it is so old (and predates a lot of the more strongly-typed features of Querki), if it received an *empty* collection, it simply produced the untyped value QNone. This could cause errors downstream, from code that expects to receive a specific type. (I hit it in [[My List of Photos -> _first -> _thumbnail]] -- _thumbnail expects to receive Photo Type, and instead was getting Untyped, so it was showing an error.)

This is now fixed: _first preserves the type of the received collection, even if that collection is empty. This fixes the error I hit: _thumbnail sees that it has received an empty collection of Photo Type, which is fine.

There are likely other holdover errors of this sort in the older functions, which predate me getting the Type pipeline really working. Please point out any surprising errors you get. Thanks!


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