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Experiment Mode
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
One of the changes coming in the new Querki Client is that the "Done" button is simply going to go away -- at least, it will no longer mean "Save". All changes will be saved immediately, as you make them. This is already the way that Thing Editing has been moving, and I think it would be better for Model Editing to do the same thing.

This raises the obvious argument, "But Model changes are serious, and potentially breaking! I don't want my random changes to be committed until I'm sure they are right!" That's true, but an old-fashioned Done button isn't sufficient to address it. What you really want to do, if you think like a programmer, is to make your Model changes, see how they work with the data, tweak it again, look again, and continue iterating until you're confident in your changes. So the existing Done button still leaves it way too easy to break things.

Hence, Experiment Mode. If you turn begin to Experiment, it means that your changes are being saved in your Session but *not* committed to the Space as a whole. You can make an entire collection of changes, potentially to several Models and some Things, get it all tuned properly, and then Commit it at a shot. Basically, Experiment Mode adds the notion of a git workspace to Querki.

Experiment Mode will *not* be the default, I believe -- it adds mental overhead that casual users won't care about, and is overkill for small, simple Spaces. But the medium-term plan is that you'll be able to set a User Preference that any time you make a change to a Model it automatically kicks you into Experiment Mode, storing up changes until you explicitly Commit them. My guess is that programmers (especially ones used to git) will be most comfortable working this way.

Here is the current list of Stories for Experiment Mode. Comments, thoughts and suggestions are *highly* welcomed -- this only crystallized in my head a couple of hours ago, but I think finally breaks my logjam in how Model Editing really *ought* to work...


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