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Release 0.11.7 -- better error handling
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Today's release was mostly about internals -- but it's a really important enhancement to the internals. As I'm going to describe in gory detail in a follow-up, we are now doing something almost unspeakably cool: the system now propagates strongly-typed Exceptions from deep inside the Server all the way up to the Client. This makes the Autowire story even better than it was before -- my code is strongly-typed from end to end, not just in the normal pathways but in the errors as well. I don't know of any other framework in existence that lets you do that so easily.

From the user's point of view, there is only one change, but it's one that I've been wanting for ages: using this ability to easily distinguish one kind of an error from another, the Server now propagates strongly-typed validation errors from about 20 levels down in its type system, and displays input validation errors right where you make them. Previously, the errors tended to be a little obscure, but we're now able to have the validation code define extremely precise descriptions of *why* this particular input is illegal, and show that right under the field with the problem, immediately after you make the change, refocusing on that field and encouraging you to fix it. It's one of those usability details that looks completely obvious in retrospect, but takes a fair amount of work to implement. Now, it's a general feature of Querki.

Next: some discussion of how that works...


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