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BETA 1.0
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
As of today, Querki is now officially in Beta. This has been a long time coming: I've been working on this project for almost exactly 30 months now, and we incorporated six months ago. I won't claim that it is anywhere near *done*, mind -- I have at least several years' worth more improvements that I would like to make -- but I believe it is now good enough for people to start coming in and using it for real.

The major new enhancement this month isn't technical (although there have been many bug fixes): I've spent the past several weeks writing a short online book, Learning Querki. Whereas the existing Querki Quickstart is a super-concise introduction to the high concepts, for folks who prefer to just get the basics and dive in, Learning Querki is a full step-by-step guide, introducing the system through some extended examples. That's still a first draft -- I'd love to have folks read through it and tell me if you have comments.

I'll be upgrading the existing Invitees to Full Membership today, and inviting a pile of people who have at one point or another asked to join, but I'd love to have more. So if you've been reading along, and would like to try Querki out, now is the time -- comment here, or drop me a note. My goal is to gradually ramp up to 500-1000 users in the next few months if possible. (More than that needs to wait until we have clustering working, which is targeted for mid-summer.)

Folks with a bit of technical background are particularly encouraged to join in: while Querki is as easy-to-use as I can make it, it's still useful to have practice thinking about data, and some of the deeper features do require a little lightweight programming. Folks who aren't technical, but who have projects they'd like to play with, should talk to me -- I'll be happy to help people build Spaces, on a time-available basis. This autumn I'll be adding Querki Apps, which will make it easy for anyone to share their work, and it shouldn't require any tech experience to create a Space based on an App.

Things now get more exciting. Welcome to Querki, and please keep following along...


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