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Release 1.0.1
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
This week's release is pretty minor from an end-user point of view -- I've mostly been focused on Admin functionality, making it easier for me to deal with the day-to-day running of Querki. There are a couple of visible changes, though.

The most significant change is what *isn't* there any more: we no longer send an email when you get upgraded from Invitee to Full User. I had a very useful discussion with someone who was in one of my Spaces, who pointed out that, from their POV, this email was essentially spam -- they had signed up for this *space*, not for *Querki*, and didn't want to hear about Querki.

That was a bit of a slap in the face, but a useful corrective, and I suspect there will be a substantial number of other folks who feel the same way, so I'm beginning to make tweaks for that. Initially, I'm taking out the "You've been upgraded!" email -- my correspondent made the very valid point that, while that email is good for *me*, to remind people that Querki exists, it isn't necessarily interesting to the recipients, so it's inappropriate. To compensate, the root list of Your Spaces now tells you if you are still pending the upgrade, so folks who *do* care can see it easily.

Yet to come are the opt-out links in emails, which have always been on the to-do list, but have been kicked a ways up the priority list in light of this.

The other user-level change was enhancing the Sharing page, to provide better feedback when you send an invitation. I expect to do a fair amount of this sort of spit-and-polish UX improvement in the next month or two -- please yell if you see something that needs tweaking.

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Hmm. A bit like Google Groups, I suppose. People sign up for one group, and aren't necessarily interested in hearing about all the features they can get if they create a group of their own.

Yeah, just so. It's one of the reminders that Querki is, ultimately, a platform, and that people *think* differently about platforms. While I'd like to make Querki an indispensably useful tool, the reality is that, for quite a while, there will be many people who only care about one or two specific Spaces, and don't want to even think about the platform they're built on...

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