Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote in querki_project,
Justin du Coeur

Turning off China for the moment

[Mostly an FYI, on the off-chance anyone cares.]

It's a sad statement about the state of the Net, but we've decided, for at least the short term, to disable access to Querki from China. This was a purely practical decision: over 3/4 of the attacks on the site have been coming from there, and I'm pretty confident we don't have any legitimate users there yet. Today is the first full day since we put the ban in place, and the security logs on the site have shortened remarkably.

I have to say, running a site and actually giving a damn about security is kind of startling: it drives home how dangerous the Internet is in a way you just don't realize as an ordinary consumer. I mean, I'm still the only heavy user of Querki, but the site is already being attacked 100-1000 times a day, from all over the world -- China accounts for the majority of the attacks, but there are plenty from elsewhere as well, including from within the US. I can only imagine how many attackers we'll have pounding at the gates once the system actually takes off.

The China ban is likely temporary: sometime after we've moved to AWS, it's all running in its permanent configuration and I'm getting more serious about bringing people to the site, I suspect we'll open it back up again. But for now, it is, sadly, just not worth allowing connections from there...
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