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Release 1.1
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Querki release 1.1 actually went live a couple of days ago, but I've just made the config changes that do the important stuff.

This was a long release cycle, and most of that time was spent on a project that was terribly important but not terribly interesting: getting the client-side unit tests working again. The moral of the story is, don't allow your tests to begin to accumulate bit rot, or it'll drive you crazy trying to repair them afterwards.

From the end-user point of view, the most important change was the one that involved the least code (that is, none): Querki is now mandatory all-HTTPS. This is kind of keeping up with the Joneses at this point, but I've gradually come to realize that not only are my early-adopters going to insist on this, I can't really call the system "secure" with a straight face otherwise. There have been a couple of incidents where a page contained login information and wasn't HTTPS, and that's unacceptable; besides, it's not for us to decide which Space data requires security. So we're just going whole-hog and doing HTTPS all the time, everywhere. (Note: you should reload any Querki windows you might have had open. This change will probably cause existing open windows to hang until they are reloaded.)

Also on the security front: Querki should now retain session in mobile browsers. As I mentioned over in my personal journal, Querki has been using transient sessions heretofore, mostly because I couldn't find a documented way to do otherwise. This has proven to be a pain in the tuchus for Mobile Chrome and Mobile Safari, which both lose transient session cookies kind of randomly if the browser isn't currently showing. But I finally thought to dig into the source code of the relevant library, and figured out how to do this right. I'm still confirming that this fixes the problem, but fingers crossed it should do so.

Initially, I have things set up for sessions to last one month. That's kind of arbitrary, and subject to change -- yell if you see strong arguments for a different amount of time.

Querki per se got one major enhancement: there is now a first-class Date type. I've been starting to code up Spaces for folks (see below), so that I have more real-world use cases, and Date emerged as a commonly-useful type. So that works pretty much as you expect: you can create Date Properties, and when you edit one you get a nice popup calendar that lets you choose the date to set. If the Property is Optional, there is also a "Clear" button to allow you to unset it. I think it's reasonably intuitive; please drop me a note if you find bugs or have other observations or suggestions.

Some bugs also got fixed:
Querki is also finally getting serious about participating in the open-source world. We've released four open-sources libraries in the past month or so -- nothing world-shaking, but I'm getting into a groove of extracting generally-useful bits from Querki and making them more generally available. (Querki per se is open-source, but restricted to non-commercial use; these org.querki libraries are MIT-licensed so that anybody can use them.)

Finally: Querki needs you! I'm specifically looking for folks to suggest projects they've been wanting but haven't had a good solution for, so that I can sanity-check Querki's capabilities against what folks actually need. Appropriate projects should be data-centric, and something you're likely to actually use on a regular basis. I'm entirely happy to build it for you at this point, or to assist you in building it yourself. You can find a list of projects in the pipeline here, for an idea of the sort of thing that is appropriate.

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There are a fistful of items that came out of the various NELCO panels about what more that NEIL can do that may benefit from Querki. A right proper gamebank. Lending libraries for costumes, props, etc. A 'directory' of people with certain skills willing to partner with larpers, e.g. writers, editors, runtime crew, propmakers, costumers, et al. Site analysis tools for the group investigating new options.

Some of these overlap with other items in the pipeline and might be a case for 'same recipe, different garnish'.

Totally -- part of the point of Querki is that every time we add a feature, it's available for all sites. You're right that some of these are right up Querki's alley.

We should talk about this more. You're more tied into NEIL than I am -- suggestions about how best to proceed? I don't know whether it would be appropriate to talk it through on the FB group, or see whether there's interest in a meeting, or talk about it at the next NEIL meeting, or what...

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