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Release 1.1.2
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
ETA: something's badly broken -- the Actions menu has somehow stopped working.  Looking into that now.
ETA2: okay, all working again.  Suffice it to say, one of my lovely new minimized libraries had been downloaded incorrectly.  Moral of the story is that I need to remember to at least smoketest the production builds before they go out the door: not every problem gets caught in the current automated test suites.

Small release today, but a few things to note:

The most important change is that Querki's client has upgraded to Scala.js 0.6.3, which means we have the lovely new "minified" clause. This makes it easy for Scala.js libraries and applications to declare both full-sized and minified versions of a given JavaScript library side-by-side; the compiler does most of the work of pulling in the full JavaScript code during debugging and the minified one in production.

The upshot is that loading the Querki UI should now be about 20% faster, since we're now much more consistent about using the minified versions of the libraries. This should just be relevant once per release, when a new Client comes out, but it should still be a win for everyone.

There were also two similar enhancements, which I've found myself wanting in the Use Cases as I build them:

  • You've always been able to feed a "link back" property to _createButton, like this: Child -> Parent Link._createButton(""Create""). That would set the Parent Link property of the new Child to point to the Parent that created it. This now works with Tags as well as Links.

  • You can now filter _tagRefs by Property, like this: 15th century -> Recipe Date._tagRefs. That is, this will return all of the Things that point to "15th century" in the "Recipe Date" property. This way, you can use the same tag in multiple properties, and distinguish which one you're looking for. (_refs has always worked this way, but _tagRefs always previously returned all of the tag references, regardless of which property they came from.)

The underlying point here is that we are steadily moving towards treating Links and Tags very similarly, so that you can decide which you want to use for a given Property without sacrificing functionality.


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