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Release 1.1.4
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Third release this week -- for the moment, I'm having fun with the Use Cases, figuring out what they need and adding it.

Today's new feature is another of those routine functions that we were inevitably going to need sooner or later: _concat(). As you might expect, this takes any number of parameters, concatenates them together, and produces the resulting list. If the parameters are themselves lists, their contents get concatenated together. (Querki intentionally has no concept of "List of List" yet -- everything is flat.) You can see this in action on the page for the Kitab al-Tibakha (one of the period recipe books), where the expression [[_concat(Time Periods, Cultures) -> _commas]] comes out as "15th century, Arabic".

Note: it's important that all of the parameters of _concat result in the same Type -- you're likely to get a poorly-behaved error if not. (I should figure out a way to produce a better error message in this circumstance.)

Fixed yesterday's regression about displaying Tag Names.
_tagRefs can now deal with any number of received Tags, where before it could only handle one. (Discovered this problem while unit-testing _concat.)
_tagsForProperty now finds Tags buried inside Model Types.

At this point, the Carolingian Cooks Guild Space is starting to look pretty good, and is serving as a nice illustration of what you can do in Querki. I'm going to put one or two more recipes into that, start thinking about how to migrate the database, and move on to another Use Case. I'm still looking for Use Cases to implement, so remember: if there's an online data-centric site you've always wanted, talk to me!


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