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jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Today was a somewhat unexpected release, because it turned out that a couple of major functions were broken. Features first, though.

The one new major feature probably doesn't matter to anybody but me yet, but once you have more than a couple dozen Spaces it starts to get noticeable. Archive Space is a new button available to the Owner of the Space from the Advanced menu. It does what it says: it archives this Space away. Once archived, the Space can no longer be loaded, and does not show up in your list of Spaces.

Mind, I don't yet have either Show Archived Spaces or Restore Archived Space -- they're in the plans, but it'll probably be a little while before they get implemented. So only use Archive Space if you're confident that you aren't going to want this one any time soon. But I have a bunch of those by now, so I've added the first feature.

This is *not* Delete Space. That will also be added later, but it's both far more dangerous and harder to implement correctly. Delete Space will really and for true scrag this Space so that it doesn't exist and is not recoverable. There are use cases for that, but I consider it a lot less central than Archive. Please speak up if you consider Delete Space absolutely crucial, and tell me why, but I don't currently plan to implement it this year. In the mean time, think of Archive Space as the Recycle Bin -- not permanently deleted, but out of your hair.

Now, on to the bug fixes:
  • Joining a Space was getting an error -- this regression was introduced with the last release, and was a side-effect of the fixes to make the system cluster-ready. The bug was fairly small, but it resulted in a Red Screen of Death. This was particularly obvious if you were just joining Querki for the first time: you would get the RSOD right after agreeing to the Terms of Service.

  • Reset Password was failing cryptically -- this actually took a while for me to track down, and turns out to have been a subtle side-effect of our switch to all-HTTPS, so I think it's been broken for a while. My apologies to anyone who hit this one.

  • _tagRefs didn't pick up on Link Name properly -- much less crucial than the others, but annoying if you have Things whose Link Name is not derived from the Display Name.
The moral of the story here is that we don't have enough automated test support, especially around the signing-up-for-Querki workflow. I hope to begin fixing that soon, as part of the clustering project: I'm designing a new test harness that will be able to cover stuff like this...


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