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Release 1.2.2
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Two noticeable changes this time:

First, made URL parameters work more generally. As implemented last release, they only worked on the Default View; I quickly discovered that, in practice, I want to use them more broadly. So they are now available from all QL on the page, making this a *really* powerful mechanism.

Second, you can now delete Properties that are in use. I've been avoiding this, because you can lose a *lot* of data this way, but sometimes it's just plain necessary. (As I discovered in my imported Comic Book Space, where it turns out that all 3000 Titles have empty-but-defined Start Date and End Date Properties, which I was clearly intending to do something with but didn't.)

So the Delete menu pick is now always enabled from Properties. If the Property isn't being used on anything, it doesn't even bother with a confirmation dialog; it just deletes it. If it *is* in use, it pops an especially forboding confirmation dialog, which tells you how many Things use it, to make *sure* you want to do this. If you say yes, it kicks off the process of removing this Property from all of those Things, and then deleting the Property itself when it is done.

To make this work, I've finally bitten the bullet and introduced a general mechanism for long-running processes. (Deleting a Property with 3000 uses takes a couple of minutes; it's a big operation.) So it displays a proper progress bar, which updates once a second and is pretty accurate. (Damned if I'm going to play the Microsoft game, where progress bars aren't just inaccurate, they often go backwards.)

I still recommend using this feature with caution: until we introduce History, the changes are irreversible and you can lose non-trivial data this way. But it's there for when you need it...


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