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Release 1.2.9
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
A quick release today, adding a new feature as a break from working on Extract App.

The headline is straightforward: Querki links pasted in Facebook no longer suck. This has been rankling me for ages: if you pasted a link into Facebook, all that would display would be "Querki: Loading...", which isn't very informative. The new situation is by no means perfect, but it's at least an improvement: it gets the title of the page correctly, and shows the beginning of the QText for the page's content. We'll make that fancier as we go.

To support this, there's been one pretty significant change to normal operations: the URL for Querki pages has been tweaked. Specifically, where you used to see "#" in the middle of the URL, you will now see "#!". This tweaks brings Querki in line with Google's (recently-deprecated but still used in many places) recommended standard for how to construct URLs for AJAX-driven sites such as Querki. There should be no other difference visible to you in day-to-day operations. (But the change could have introduced bugs; as always, if you hit one, please yell.)

The older-style URLs can still be used, but are deprecated. I expect them to gradually fade away.

There's also a brand-new page structure, to support systems like Facebook's that do static fetching this way. The URL of an ordinary Querki page is something like:!period-games. If you change that to, you get the "raw" view of that page. Whereas the ordinary Querki page is mainly rendered client-side, the raw one is rendered on the server. It is *much* simpler, and lacks most features, but it shows the guts of the content, and is likely to be functional in places where the client-side version isn't.

This is very new stuff, and pretty crude. I expect this mechanism to get refined a *lot* in the coming months. But it's a decent start.


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