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Release 1.3.10
jducoeur wrote in querki_project
Mostly bugfixes this time, knocking off a bunch of issues that mindways and I have stumbled across recently:


Added the _isA function: this little new function allows you to check whether a Thing you have is descended from a given Model.


On a narrow / mobile screen, make sure to close the menu when you pick something: suffice it to say, when you were on a smaller screen, where the menus are collapsed into the "hamburger" menu in the upper-right, if you picked something that didn't change pages (such as Design a Model), the menu wouldn't immediately close. This meant it wound up obscuring the rest of the page, including any popup dialog boxes. This is now generally fixed: we manually close the menu when you choose one of these operations.

Fix to duplicate entries when inviting people into your Space: for a while now, if you had invited someone into your Space, and you re-issued the invitation, you'd get a duplicate entry in the Sharing page. This was a regression introduced a few months ago, that I just noticed. It is now fixed: re-inviting the same email address should now detect that you've already invited this person, and not create a duplicate entry.

Hide the Multiple Choice Type and _checkList function: these are new features that are in-process. Multiple Choice will be a type that encapsulates the currently-laborious process of creating a Model with a limited number of Instances to choose from; _checkList is an improved version of the current _editAsCheckList function. The former is only half-written (the underpinnings are there, but it needs a whole new UI); the latter is buggy. Both had been accidentally made visible, and aren't ready for that yet, so they're both properly marked as Internal-only for the time being.

Security fix for Change Model: mindways noticed that you can Change Model to a Model that you aren't allowed to Create, which is a potential security hole. This is now fixed -- in order to change a Thing's Model, you must have Edit permission on that Thing *and* Create permission on the Model you're trying to change it to.

_equals now works for varied Text Types: you can now compare different Text Types to each other -- for example, you can now say [[_if(_equals(My Tag, ""Tag Name""), ...)]] and have it work in the obvious way. This applies to a variety of Text types, including Text literals, Names, Tags, and so on. It's not necessarily a panacea, especially for text that has been processed in some way, but it should work for simple cases.

When I create a child Model, it should inherit the parent Model's Instance Properties: this fixes the bug that, if you created a child Model, you would find in the Model Designer that it had no Instance Properties aside from the Name; you would have to laboriously move all the Properties into the right places. This now does the obvious thing instead, and copies the Instance Properties from the parent Model as a starting point.

Fix the tab order on the Edit Instances page: for a while now, if you were on Edit Instances, when you added a new Instance you would find the tab order *deeply* unintuitive; this was making it challenging to quickly tab along and do data entry. (Which is the main point of Edit Instances.) This is now fixed -- we readjust the tab order when you add a new Instance, so it should be reasonably intuitive.


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