Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote in querki_project,
Justin du Coeur

Release 2.0.4

Getting back to regular releases, just a few tweaks today:

Added the new _textLength function: exactly as the name implies, this receives anything, and produces the length of that value when rendered as Text. Normally I'd expect you to use this with Text values, but you can, for example, pass in the number 9387 and get a result of 4.

_groupBy should now work with the results of _search: more generally, _groupBy has been rewritten so that you should be able to pass *anything* into it. There's been a subtle functional change: _groupElements is no longer a Property of the _groupBy results, it's now a function that you run *on* those results. But I don't expect this change to make any difference in practice.

Tweaked the way that links get rendered: this is probably the most dangerous change -- suffice it to say, to make things more efficient, I've subtly changed how pointers to Things get rendered. This *shouldn't* make any major difference in practice, although it does mean that links to Things whose Names contain QText may get rendered a bit differently. Please poke around in your Spaces, and tell me if this has broken anything.

Also, while I was at it, I've fixed the sub-Pages in the Issue Tracking Space. The "List of Issues, by..." pages have all been broken for a while, because very large pages aren't currently working right. I've fixed these particular pages by making them use _QLLink, and I generally recommend that technique for any pages that are showing lots and lots of stuff, but the underlying bug is still there, and I'm working on it. (It's the proximate cause of the change to link rendering -- that change doesn't fix the problem, but potentially makes it a bit more fixable.)
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