Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote in querki_project,
Justin du Coeur

Release 2.1.2

Fairly significant code changes under the hood today (which should make the underlying machinery of Spaces more stable going forward), but just a few bugfixes and enhancements.


Added the _emailLink Function: this function allows you to compose complex mailto: links -- basically, you can code up a button that, when pressed, will open a pre-filled-out email in your mailer of choice.

Note that Querki does *not* send emails on your behalf -- we might do that someday, but we have to be *very* careful about it in order to not get abused by spammers. But we can at least make it easy to have a Space full of contacts, and make it easier for you to send out letters to them.

Bug Fixes

Problems creating Spaces or Properties on Android devices: since the last release, it's been impossible to create a Space in Chrome for Mobile (which is what most Android devices use). If you tried to do so, nothing would happen when you tried typing the Space's name. This was a side-effect of the enhancement we made to prevent you from entering illegal characters into these names.

Suffice it to say, I blame Google for this one: Chrome for Mobile turns out to work differently from every other browser when it comes to keyboard input -- when I looked it up, I found scads of complaints about it, but they have declined to fix it. So I've essentially disabled that improvement for Mobile Chrome. We might eventually figure out a way to make this feature work on that browser, but for now it's back to the status quo ante.

Creating Spaces was often showing an error: this one bit me while giving a demo on Monday. Due to an internal bug relating to how messages get passed around between the servers, if you created a new Space, 2 out of 3 times nothing would apparently happen for a while, and then you'd get an internal-error message. The Space would be created successfully, but the message *acknowledging* that creation was getting lost. This is now fixed.

_linkButtons now open a new window when appropriate: Querki has moved to a standard where external links -- buttons or links that take you *out* of Querki -- open a new window. We've found that that's usually what you want, and it's the way most services work nowadays. So the _linkButton() function has been adjusted to match that.
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