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Release 2.2.1: Edit Space Info

Today's release is a bit of a grab-bag, but has one significant new feature that I've been wanting for about two years now: the Edit Space Info page.

The Edit Space Info Page

Previously, when you pressed the Edit button on the root page of your Space, you went to the Advanced Editor for the Space. That's complete and flexible and all -- but it's also Advanced, as the name says, and hard to use at best.

So now, that button takes you to the Edit Space Info page, which is a simple and focused page that lets you edit the stuff you *usually* care about for a Space. Specifically, it lets you edit:
  • The Name of the Space

  • The brief Summary of the Space

  • Any additional Details describing this Space

  • Whether this Space is Public (everybody can read it), Members-only, or something Custom
For now, that's it. I suspect we'll add more to this page as we go, but I want to keep it small and focused on the really common needs. (There is also a link to the Advanced Editor, for times when you really want to get into it.)

The Summary and Details here are kind of new: they're standard Properties that have been around forever, but they've rarely been applied to Spaces. Now, you can easily add and edit them on the Edit Space Info page, and if you have them they will be shown on the root page of the Space by default. This provides you with an easy way of saying "this is what this page is about" without having to write a custom Default View for the Space.

This Summary and Details are also now used when Extracting an App from this Space -- if they are present, they'll be used as the default text to use for the new App.

The Public/Members-only distinction is a *wild* over-simplification of Querki's very fine-grained security model. But I suspect that 90% of the time, it's all you actually care about, so we're going to make it very easy.

Most importantly, the Edit Space Info page is now interposed into the Create Space workflow: as soon as you create a new Space, you go to Edit Space Info. While you don't *have* to do anything here, this encourages you to think about these fields. (Especially whether the Space is Public or Members-only.)

Other Significant Enhancements and Fixes

There are a bunch of bugfixes and tweaks in this release, but most of them will probably fly under the radar. The interesting ones are:

Querki now has Undelete: this is a feature I've been wanting *forever*; now that we have History, it was fairly easy. If you go to Advanced... -> View History, and click on a Delete record, there is now an Undelete button. Click on this, and the Thing will reappear as if it had never gone away. Yay!

As a consequence of having this under the covers, we've also make it easier to Delete things. Previously, you always had to go through a confirmation dialog with a dire "Are you sure?!?" warning, since there was no way to recover. Now, in most cases Delete just works. But *after* deleting, it will show a message with an Undelete button, so you can recover immediately in case you did it by accident.

Photo Upload works from Mac Safari again: (At least, I *think* it does. I'll be more confident after more experiments.) Sometime in the past, *something* changed in Safari, such that photo upload stopped working. As far as I can tell, this related to the BlueImp upload library's attempt to resize the photo in order to save bandwidth. Turning that off seems to fix the problem. Fingers crossed.
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