Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote in querki_project,
Justin du Coeur

Release 2.2.2

Today's release doesn't change anything terribly obvious, but it has one major effect:

You can now sign up for Querki from the Login dialog: previously, the only way to sign up was from the Querki homepage -- if you were reading a Space, and wanted to join, you had to get out of that Space, go to the root page, sign up, and then come back again.  That was inconvenient to begin with, and it's borderline intolerable if you're trying to join by using an App.

So we've seriously reworked the signup workflow.  In particular:

  • If you're looking at an App when not logged in, and click the "Create a Space from app name" button, it will pop the login dialog so that you can log in; it will create the Space once you've done so.

  • Moreover, the login dialog now has a Sign Up button, so that you can create a new account right then and there.  As soon as you've done so, it will create the new Space.

  • The Terms of Service page has now been pulled into the Client, in order to support this.  It looks largely the same, but it's been entirely rewritten.

  • The activation-email procedure has gotten a facelift.  Previously, if you signed up for Querki you couldn't do anything until you clicked the link in your activation email.  (So that we can validate your email address.)  That turns out to work poorly when you're signing up as part of setting up a Space from an App, so it's been loosened.  But some key functions are still restricted until you activate, and several more places now have messages to that effect (as well as "resend activation email" buttons).

Put together, this should make it much easier for folks to start using Querki from a link to an App.

And now, it's time for me to go start seriously building some Apps.  I have a few to do first, but suggestions greatly welcomed...
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